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    Tile & Grout Floor Steam Cleaning, Sealing & Restoration

    We will make your floors look brand new!

    Ceramic, porcelain or natural stone. We have a large selection of products that will fit the needs of the restoration required for your floors. Our process listed below.

    • Cut out all damaged and non restorable grout
    • 20 minute hot soak pretreatment of the tile and grout with require solution
    • Hydro-Force Steam Clean at a PSI fitting to your floors cleaning needs at 185-225 degrees fahrenheit and powerful 550+ CFM of extraction vacuum power leaving your tile and grout as clean as possible guaranteed
    •  Apply grout color sealant to every grout line
    • If floor is natural stone we will apply the required type for your stone tiles
    • Install premium color matched pre-sealed grout in all areas that required replacement
    • Install premium color matched grout caulk in all applicable seams

    After Our Work

    Your floors will look new!

    You will be able to walk on the floor shortly after we are complete. If your floor was natural stone you will have to wait about 4 hours. No water on the floors for 48 hours. Never clean with bleach as is will break down the sealers prematurely. We use eco friendly cleaners as our machines handle most of the work and will provide you with a proper maintenance plan before or departure.