• Grout Repair

    Grout Repair Experts

    Example From One Of Our Past Jobs

    We have pictured an improperly grout installation on a tile floor performed by another company. If you look closely you will notice the grout in level with the tile which is one of many other examples of grout that will be very difficult to keep clean. We completely removed all the grout pictured and installed a premium grade pre sealed grout.

    After Grout Repair

    Have confidence when having your grout repaired by hiring Carolinas Grout Pros!

  • Tile Repair

    Tile Repair Experts

    Example Of A Common Tile Repair

    When the valve in the plumbing of a shower needs replaced many customers call us to repair the hole left by the plumbers and in some cases call us to remove the tile before they have the plumbers come perform the valve repair job. Pictured to the right is an example of this repair from one of our previous jobs.

    Other Tile Repairs We Offer

    We offer tile repair for anywhere you may have tile both indoors and outdoors. Showers, floors, walls, patios, pools, and more. Ask us about your project today.