• Professional Tile Shower Steam Cleaning, SealING & Restoration

    Our Process

    We will make your shower look brand new!

    • Remove all caulking and damaged or cracked grout
    • Hydro-Force Steam Clean shower tile, grout and glass at a PSI fitting to your showers cleaning needs at 185-225 degrees fahrenheit and powerful 550+ CFM of extraction vacuum power leaving your tile, grout and glass as clean as possible guaranteed
    • Color restoration seal grout
    • Install premium pre-sealed color matched grout in all areas that required replacement
    • Install all new premium color matched grout caulk in all tile seams, nitches, shelves, etc. 
    • Install all new premium clear silicone caulk around shower glass enclosure

    After Our Work

    Now you will have low maintenance grout that is easy and quick to clean.

    Your shower will need to cure for 48 hours once we are complete and you should never clean with anything that contains bleach as it will break down the sealer. You wont need the power of bleach now that your shower is properly sealed.

  • Sample Of Our Work

    Take a look and enjoy!


    Steam Clean, Grout Repair, Grout Color Seal, Caulk Replacement