• Shower Grout Repair

    One Of Our Many Shower Repair Services

    Shower Grout

    If you have cracked or missing grout in your shower you should have it repaired as soon as possible. These conditions can lead to water damage to your hold, mold growth, shower pan failure and in some cases require having the whole shower replaced which can cost thousands of dollars. Proper maintenance and repair of your grout is vital to the future of your tile shower.  

    After Shower Grout Replacement

    After having your grout properly repaired by Carolinas Grout Pros you can have piece of mind that the repair was completed correctly, your shower is water tight and you will not have to worry about large repair costs in the future.

  • Shower Tile Repair

    Shower Repair Experts

    Shower Tile Repair Example

    Here is a complex shower tile repair example from one of our past jobs pictured. Our customer stated that he had already several other tile repair companies out and they either would not or could not complete the repair he wanted. The stone decorative inlay on his shower walls had deteriorated over 9 years which was from the stone inlay never being sealed. Carolinas Grout Pros completed the repair in one day with perfect end results.

    After Our Tile Repair Work

    Our repair work will leave you 100% satisfied guaranteed! We strive for quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Tile Shower Pan Replacement

    Have Confidence When You Hire

    Tile Shower Pan Replacement


    Tile shower pan replacement is a multi day job that want to have a very experienced contractor complete. Carolinas Grout Pros has successfully completed hundreds of shower pan replacements. You can have piece of mind that you will have a perfect grade on your new shower pan that drains well. You can look at the pictures for an example from one of our past shower pan replacement jobs. We can also install any type of tile you like. Call us today for your free onsite estimate.

    After Shower Pan Replacement 

    Piece of Mind

    You can now enjoy your new low maintenance tile shower floor that is guaranteed to not leak. Ask about our many premium drain options today. They are much easier to keep clean and no more screws, visible PVC pipe or cracking grout around your shower drain. We also offer all stainless steel drains that come with built in stainless steel hair catch baskets that have a handle. Upgrade today! 

  • Tile Shower Curb Repair

    No More High Maintenance Shower Curb Grout 

    Solid Natural Stone Shower Thresholds

    Many times when our customers are having a frameless glass shower enclosure installed we replace the top of the tiled shower curb. The shower curb typically is always level and in some cases has a slight grade to the outside of the shower. After having frameless glass measured and ordered to fit your shower perfectly the last thing you would want is for some water to leak out on to your shower floor everytime it is used. So before your glass is measured for we remove the tiled top portion of your shower curb and install a solid piece of marble or travertine. We can get the marble in many different colors and finishes to fit your needs. When we install the marble it will have a slight grade to the inside of the shower preventing any future leaks from your new glass. This also gets rid of all the grout lines that are hard to keep looking clean since they stay wet for longer periods of time as more water collects and stands around the edges of the glass, especially when the curb is level.


    You can now enjoy an updated look that is lower maintenance!